Book Series

Muscular Religion - Sport, Nationalism, Judaism
2017. Muscular Religion - Sport, Nationalism, Judaism. Jerusalem: Carmel Publishing House. Publisher's Version
European Parliamentarism
Idith Hanouka. 2014. European Parliamentarism. Tel Aviv: Resling. Publisher's Version
In the Talons of the Third Reich
Willy Cohn. 2014. In the Talons of the Third Reich. Edited by Tamar Cohen Gazit. Jerusalem: Magnes Press. Publisher's Version
Germans Against Germans
Moshe Zimmermann. 2013. Germans Against Germans. Tel Aviv: Am Oved Press. Publisher's Version
The Age of Youth - German-Jewish Young Generation and Modern Times

This groundbreaking collection of essays discusses from a variety of historical, philosophical, and cultural perspectives the appearance of the Jewish Youth Movements and youth organizations, within the context of the early twentieth century cultural atmosphere in central Europe. The essays, written by leading Israeli and German scholars in the field of modern German and German-Jewish history, cover a wide bend of phenomena such as the Jewish Youth in Salzburg and Prague, The Jewish Youth Movements 'Blau-Weiss' and 'Ha’shomer Hatz’air', the youth pioneers in Palestine, as well as the unique visual culture and radical philosophy of 'being Young' which characterized the Jewish youth – in an intense dialogue with the contemporaneous German model. ,The Age of Youth', referring both to the 'being young' and to the specific European context of the turn of the nineteenth and early twentieth century in which a new model of youth was introduced, encloses new and pivotal perspectives of youth movements and organizations which deeply influenced the emerging Jewish identity, culture and political understandings of that era. This collection of essays will be of value to scholars who are interested in German and Jewish history, Political Studies, Culture Studies, Continental Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Theology.

Yotam Hotam (Ed.)


Review in Haarez.

Brith Shalom and Bi-National Zionism
2008. Brith Shalom and Bi-National Zionism. Jerusalem: Carmel Publishing House. Publisher's Version
The Nietzsche Legacy in Germany, 1890 - 1990
Tabur - Yearbook for European History, Society, Culture and Thought

An annual journal that aims at providing the Hebrew reader an up to date perspective on research in Modern European History, Culture and Philosophy.

'Memories of War in Germany and in Center Europe' 

  • Franz Maciejewski: Land without Memory? The Absence of Mourning for The Dead in Post-War-Germany
  • Habbo Knoch: Searching for Authenticity: Memory, Emotions and Eyewitness Reports in Contemporary Germany
  • Bogdan Musial: Liberation or Occupation: 8th - 9th Mai 1945 in the Collective Memory in Germany, Poland and Belarus 60 Years Later
  • Beate Kosmala: The Story of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.: A Major Controversy over America's Last Uncontroversial War
  • Angelika Timm: World War Two and Shoa in the Culture of Memory of the German Democratic Republic
  • Natan Sznaider: The Europeanization of Memory: Between Nationalization and Cosmopolitanization
  • Dan Diner: On the Faculty to Differentiate: Auschwitz and Dresden

War in a Global Context

  • Aron Shai: The Second Sino-Japanese War and the Second World War - The Same War?
  • Ali F. İgmen: Finding History in Chingiz Aitmatov's Eary Prose and in the Memories of Veterans: Kyrgyz Women of "The Great Patriotic War"
  • Omar Kamil: Arab Intellectuals and the Holocaust: An Epistemological Debate
  • Andrei S. Markovits: The Story of the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.: A Major Controversy over America's Last Uncontroversial War
  • Mary Louise Roberts: The Myth of the viril G.I.: Gender and Photojournalism in the Second World War