Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Hilla Lavie

Dr. Hilla Lavie

Post Doc Fellow

Hilla Lavie finished her dissertation on "Imagining a Jewish State after the Holocaust: Representations of Israel in 1950s-1960s West German Films" in spring 2020 at the Koebner Minerva Center for German History under the supervision of Prof. Moshe Zimmermann and Prof. Ofer Ashkenazi. She is now a post doc fellow at the Center  and as editor responsible for the Center's annual academic publication of  "SLIL - Online Journal for HIstory, Cinema and Television". 


Dr. Felix Petersen

Post Doctoral Fellow
Felix Petersen is a Minerva Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Richard Koebner Center for German History. His PhD ("Democracy, the State and the People: From the Invention of the Democratic State to the Rise of the Contentious Polity") traces the idea-historical construction of democracy as both, form of state organization and practice of citizen politics against the state.