Amit Levy

Ph.D. Fellow

Academic interests:

German-Jewish Orientalism, Cultural History of Interlingual Encounters, History of Science

Current projects: 

'The New Orient': German-Jewish Orientalism in Palestine/Israel 

Higher Education:

2016: PhD Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Supervised by Prof. Yfaat Weiss and Dr. Aya Elyada.

2013-2016: MA Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Supervised by Prof. Yfaat Weiss and Dr. Aya Elyada. MA Thesis topic: "'A Complete personal revolution': Martin Meir Plessner (1900–1973) and German-Jewish Orientalism, Between Textual and Physical Encounters."

2010-2013: BA Department of History and Department of Political Science, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. magna cum laude.

Academic Appointments: 

2017-2019: Academic coordinator, The History of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem book series.

2015-2016: Organizer of MA Students workshop, School of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2015: Teaching Assistant to Dr. Alex Kerner, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2014-2016: Archivist of German-Jewish orientalist collections, National Library of Israel and DLA Marbach

2013-2014: Research Assistant to Dr. Aya Elyada, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Fellowship, Honors and Awards

2017-2020: PhD Honors Program, Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel School for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2017-2018: Leo Baeck Fellowship Program, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes & Leo Baeck Institute London.

2016-2017: Fellow, The Franz Rosenzweig Minerva Research Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2016: Research Fellow, Da'at Hamakom Center, I-Core In The Study of Modern Jewish Culture

2015: Jacob L. Talmon Prize for MA Students

2014: Dean's List (MA Humanities), Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2014: George L. Mosse Prize for BA Students

2012: The Center for Austrian Studies Scholarship for German summer course in Austria

2011-2012: Dean’s List (BA Humanities), Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2010-2011: Dean’s List (BA Humanities), Hebrew University of Jerusalem

2010: Excellence Admission Grant, Department of History, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


Hebrew, English, Arabic, German.


“The Archive as Storyteller: Refractions of German-Jewish Oriental Studies Migration in Personal Archives,” Simon-Dubnow-Institut Yearbook XVII (2018, forthcoming).

"Orientalist Collections at the National Library of Israel," Geschichte der Germanistik 49/50 (2016), pp. 147-148.

"A Man of Contention: Martin Plessner (1900–1973) and His Encounters with the Orient," Naharaim 10.1 (September 2016), pp. 79-100.

"'The Sheik': Understanding American Orientalism through Visual and Narrative Differences in Three Decades of Discussion", Slil 10 (Winter 2016) [IN HEBREW]

"'Ma'alesh, Nistader': Arabic in the Folklore of the Palmach during the 1940s", Hayo Haya 11 (Fall 2015) [IN HEBREW]

Conferences and Workshops:

- “Islam without Muslims: German-Jewish Scholars and Oriental Studies in Palestine/Israel,” ‘Islam’ as an Epistemic Field: Imperial Entanglements and Orientalism in the German-Speaking World since 1870, Zentrum Moderner Orient. Berlin, October 2018.

- “Meeting in the Intellectual Sphere: German-Jewish Émigré Orientalists in British Mandate Palestine and 'Culture rapprochement with the Arabs',” In Global Transit: Jewish Migrants from Hitler’s Europe in Asia, Africa, and Beyond. Kolkata, February 2018.

- “German Philology, Zionist Ideology: The Contested Linguistic Legacy of Arabic Studies in Palestine/Israel,” COLLOQUE LABEX TRANSFERS-SHESL-SLP: La circulation des savoirs linguistiques et philologique entre l’Allemagne et le monde, XVI-XXe siècles. Paris, January 2018.

- “Science, Politics and the Question of Utility: German-Jewish Orientalistik in Palestine/Israel,” The Fifth Conference for Young Researchers in Jewish Studies. Potsdam, July 2017.

- “Orientalism on the Move: German-Jewish Oriental Studies in British Mandate Palestine,” Spaces and Places in German Jewish Culture: An International Workshop. Jerusalem, June 2017 [invited].

- “'To know the living and not only the dead Orient': Appointing an Arab Member at the School of Oriental Studies in Jerusalem, 1925–1937,” Israel-Palestine: Lands and People – Faith, Ideology and Education (fourth workshop). Providence, RI, April 2017 [invited].

- Presentation of PhD project, UC Berkeley / LMU Munich PhD Workshop 'Jews, Germans, and other Europeans: Modern Encounters'. Berkeley, CA, December 2016 [invited].

- “Cataloguing the Martin Plessner Collection(s): A Researcher's Point of View,” Gentner Symposium: Contested German-Jewish Cultural Property after 1945, The Sacred and the Profane. Jerusalem, September 2016 [invited].

- “The Borders of the Orient and Boundaries of Oriental Studies: Martin Plessner and the Transplantation of German-Jewish Orientalism from Germany to Palestine/Israel,” EAIS 5th Annual Conference on Israel Studies: Thinking about Israel – Borders, Boundaries and Cultures. London, September 2016.

- “'Talking Like Them, Walking Like Them, Acting Like Them': The Use of Arabic in Palmach Folklore,” Naming the Nation: Practices of Naming in Between the Conflicting Spheres of Politics, Society and Science. Munich, February 2016.

- “'A complete personal revolution'? Transferring Orientalism to Palestine and Israel - the case of Martin Plessner, 1933-1973,” The II CHAM International Conference: Knowledge Transfer and Cultural Exchanges. Lisbon, July 2015.

- “A Man of Contention: Martin Plessner and His Encounters with the Orient,” German Orientalism and the Jewish-'Arab' Question. Jerusalem, June 2015 [invited].