Research Seminar in German History in Association with Tel-Aviv University

The seminar will discuss the key themes and methodologies in the current study of modern German history. 
It is a biweekly class. During the Spring semester some of the sessions will be held together with the parallel seminar at Tel-Aviv University.

The course subjects:

-- What is German History? 
-- Transnational history of Germany 
-- German Colonialism, and German colonial imagination 
-- Social history: is there anything to add? 
-- Does Germany have cultural history? 
-- German intellectual history:the Cold War challenge 
-- Memory is back(?) 
-- Continuities and breaks in German history 
-- "Place" as a modern German keyword 
-- Nazism: new perspectives 
-- How to approach a German text? 
-- Work in German archives 
-- Diaries as a source for historians 
-- Is there a German-Jewish history?

Room 2207, Humanities building, Mt. Scopus Campus

Photos from the First Joint Session at the Leo Baeck Institute in Jerusalem