Dr. Tibor Shalev-Schlosser

Visiting Research Fellow

Tibor Shalev-Schlosser is writing his PhD on the subject of Israeli – German relations since the reunification of Germany and their impact on the national interests of the state of Israel, supervised by Prof. Moshe Zimmermann.He also works at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.



Academic Qualifications:

1985            B.A. in Philosophy, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1985-7         Research Assistant, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

1987/8         Philosophy Teacher at the “Leyada” High school, Jerusalem

1988/9         Studies and Research in Heidelberg University, Germany (scholarship)

1990           M.A in Philosophy with Thesis, Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

2014           M.A. in Political Science, University of Haifa

2014           Graduate, National Defense College, Israel

2014-          Research Student (PhD), Hebrew University, Jerusalem