Dr. Sarah Wobick-Segev

Research Fellow

Sarah Wobick-Segev is a research fellow at the Koebner Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Between 2014 and 2016, she served as the director of Jewish studies and visiting assistant professor at Western University (Canada). Her research focuses on the cultural and transnational history of modern European Jewry. She is currently completing her first monograph, Homes away from Home: Leisure, Sociability and Jewish Belonging in Berlin, Paris and St. Petersburg, 1890-1950s, an examination of how Jews reformulated patterns of belonging in the twentieth century through the employment of new leisure and consumer spaces.

She has also published on expressions of religiosity among German Jews, and is presently working on several articles about post-war German Jewry and another on the humanism of Stefan Zweig. She is the co-editor, with Dr. Gideon Reuveni, of the volume Speculation and Exchange: New Approaches to the Economy in Jewish History.